Personalize Your Glory Plaza Brick
Your brick donation supports the Athletic Department Capital Project Fund.



Acknowledgement Information (If Applicable)
If you are purchasing a brick as a gift for someone else, please fill out their contact information so that we can send them an acknowledgement letter and their replica brick (if applicable).

You may order a maximum of two bricks and a replica of each.
The four by eight three line message is $100.The eight by eight four line message is $300.The eight by eight logo brick three line message is $325.

$100 each = $0.00
$300 each = $0.00
$325 each = $0.00
           $0.00 TOTAL
Please use only one capital letter or symbol per box. IU Athletics reserves the right to approve text prior to production. All text will be automatically centered on each paver. Each paver may have up to 16 letters or spaces per line. Special letters or symbols not found on a standard keyboard may not be available. If you are ordering two pavers please submit an additional order.

First Brick Second Brick

*Line four is only available for the 8" x 8" four line message brick.
Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery of replicas. Note: we cannot send replica bricks to P.O. boxes. The cost of your installed brick (minus any replicas) is considered and will be recorded as a charitable gift to the Indiana University Foundation Athletic Department Capital Project Fund. Brick paver contributions are also eligible for IU Varsity Club Priority Points used for the allocation of seating at football and basketball games.